Sales Roles in Pennsylvania – Generalized Writing Styles

The following text is just a generalized example of writing styles and keywords for roles in PA. Your CV should be much more specific and detailed, and extensive research needs to be carried out to match the job spec.

Wording and Writing Style

In my current role as a Supervisory Sales Assistant, I am employed as a core part of the Sales and Customer service team, driving business, serving customers and promoting gift cards and special offers in order to increase turnover. I worked with individual clients and classes, coordinating a full array of sales and life coach meetings. .  I am also an enthusiastic and ambitious individual aiming for a thriving career, where I can utilise my extensive customer service and sales experience in order to ensure the long-term success of the business I am working for. 

Keywords for ATS Software: Managing Director, Business Director, Financial Controller, Trading Sales Analyst, Technology/IT Systems, International Financial accounting, Payment processing, Appointing and Leading Teams, Accounting and Business, People management, Budget preparation, International B2B relations, Revenue Commissioners, GDPR, Client Confidentiality, HR/Employee relations, Global Sales Development, Contract negotiation, VAT expertise, Sales Analyst, Invoicing, Bank Reconciliations, Payment Gateways, Revenue growth and Fraud and Compliance regulations.

Certificate in Finance – University of Pennsylvania

Diploma in Sales – University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania, USA – BA Hons in Business

As a Sales Advisor with Pennsylvania Sales Company, I gained an array of core knowledge on the importance of client confidentiality, streamlining administrative processes and ensuring attention-to-detail in all my work. Throughout my Sales career, I have consistently worked and liaised with sales management and other levels of seniority in developing streamlined customer service protocols that meet the daily needs of the business.  I have also organised large admin workloads in high-pressure international sales environments, developing core skills in travel operations, bookings, dealing with customers and manging all aspects of administration.   Offering sales and product advice to customers, I liaised with the sales team, developing a clear understanding of client requirements, dealing with any issues or queries, answered the phones, and resolved client complaints in order to identify any recurring issues or serious customer service problems.