Please Note: I will fully review your current Resume, taking into account your career history, industry, employee level and the roles you are targeting. I will fully explain what changes I will make to your current Resume, if it needs a complete rewrite (most do), and what keywords and buzz words you can utilize to pass both the AI and ATS software’s that companies are now using. Best of all, I do not charge for the Resume Review!

Important: Due to a 700% increase in Spam calls, I am now communicating via email only. It is very important to upload your Resume so that I can get a proper idea of what your career and educational history is, and how I can improve all aspects of your Resume and Cover Letter. Simply upload the document below and we can go from there. 


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    Digital Recruitment Processes

    There are computers shuffling through multitudes of Resumes in order to utilize AI (Artificial Intelligence) and complex software code to weed out irrelevant or badly written Resumes. Sometimes,  the whole recruitment process feels like a children’s game, where you as the jobseeker are being treated like a small child. This is true whether you are targeting a graduate role or CEO role.  You can be asked to sort out puzzles, answer different questions and meander through confusing and what seems like unintelligent questions. How does one understand the process and more importantly, how do you write a Resume that will see you through the complex labyrinth that is Digital Recruitment?. As a professional Resume writer, I can help you each step of the way. Simply upload your Resume now and let us start with a review of your current Resume.