Post-Covid Jobs Market in Pennsylvania

Based on years of researching firms that hire for part-time, remote, flexible or freelancer jobs, we have compiled the best list of firms placed in Pennsylvania that mainly have hired for jobs at least one of these flexible working choices.

The objective of the free Pennsylvania list of best firms for flexible jobs is to help people in Pennsylvania to simply find and research the legitimate workers embracing workplace flexibility.

System One

System One offers organizations across the American with workforce solutions, staffing services, and integrated services. Since 1979, the expert staffing firm has grown to become one of the best twenty-five providers of staffing services, as well as one of the best ten in the engineering, legal, clinical, scientific sectors. Headquartered in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, System one has a nationwide reach with, over fifty places across the country.


Based in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Duolingo has developed the online largest language learning platform in the planet, used by more than hundred million people. This firm offers free language education program for English speakers in dozens of languages for use on a range of devices and platforms, including iPhone, iPad, web and Android.

As an employer, Duolingo provides internships for university students and expert job opportunities in fields such as engineering, marketing, education, operations, training, writing and bilingual.

Resume Keywording Examples: I have ensured all stock and cost-control issues were resolved, whilst assisting with sales, administration and Working as part of the Administrative team, I was responsible for dealing with incoming phone calls from suppliers and customers, processing purchase orders and finishing an array of ad-hoc administrative duties. Working with colleagues to Input data and deal with Customer Service and Administrative duties in a professional manner. I ensured the smooth running of the computers and Fax machines, developing an attitude that allowed me to flourish in a busy manufacturing environment.


Founded in 1993, Qlik is a prize winning, marketing leading program that specializes in business intelligence technology. Qlik offers tools that make data meaningful and permits people to make actionable plans based on valuables insights. Qlik products are used in a big range of industries including financial services, heath care, manufacturing, retail, public sector, high-tech, energy and utilities, and consumer products. Qlik portfolio contains 3 core solutions that are employ the Qlik patented engine technology.

Bentley Systems

Headquartered in Exton, Pennsylvania, Bentley systems is a privately held computer program firm specializing in infrastructure solutions for architects, engineers, geospatial professionals, owner-buildings and operators. The firm is dedicated to offering its user community with most comprehensive and integrated program possible along with best customer support.

As a company, Bentley systems manages a staff of over three-thousand team members in more than fifty countries and understand that its workers most valuable asset.


EPAM system is an IT firm that has become a big global digital product design, digital marketing, and product development firm. As a worker, the firm has a history of fostering a creative, passionate, honest and flexible work atmosphere that promotes full-time jobs with best remote availability work to anywhere in the America. With EPAM, eligible staffers also get disability and life insurance, a 401 plan, dental and vision coverage, paid time off, medical care, and employees discounts and more.


Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Comcast was established in 1963 as a one system cable firm. Over the years, Comcast experienced wonderful growth and is now the nation’s leading entertainment, telecommunication and cable firm.

Comcast workers nearly 130,000 experts worldwide and provides an amazing, team-oriented work atmosphere with opportunities in careers like computer, customer service, and IT administrative, writing, sales and more.