Clean energy jobs among quickest-growing in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s clean energy industry saw some of the state’s biggest job increase over the past few years, report released by Wolf Administration on Monday.

The Clean Energy service report says jobs in the industry increased by 8.7 percent, or almost 7,800 jobs, between 2017 and 2019. The  average statewide job increase was just 1.9 percent during the same period of time. Meanwhile, a companion report presents the natural gas, coal and nuclear sector saw job drop of 3.3, 7.5 and 4.5 percent, respectively for a full of nearly 2.500 jobs.

The more than 97,000 full jobs in the clean energy industry statewide fall into categories of energy efficiency, transportation, generation, fuels and storage.

The report contains median wages for jobs in many clean energy sectors, such as the energy efficiency and substitute transportation. Excluding jobs and CEOs at the general manager, the middle wages range from $12.60 an hour for solar photovoltaic installer, to $40 an hour for construction managers, and nearly $35 an hour for boilermakers.

But the report also presents 80 percent of the employees in the clean energy sector had problem finding qualified employees last year.

Groups such as PeenFuture and Renewable work for PA union have been promoting clean energy plans as a way to idea from the economic hit of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clean energy jobs as defined in the report make up about 1/3 of all energy jobs in Pennsylvania. Thought it was among the quickest growing fields, clean energy just accounts for 1.6 percent of all jobs in Pennsylvania. All energy jobs in the Commonwealth grew by 7.6 percent between 2017 and 2019. It makes up 4.6 of the state of full workforce.

The report is based on data accessible at the end of 2019  and does not take into account the effects of the COVID-19 disaster.

The energy employment report presents that some areas of the fossil fuel business saw more work increase than clean energy over this period. The petroleum sector saw a nearly fifty percent increase or approximately 3,100 jobs. Natural gas production increased 14.5 percent, or approximately 395 jobs. In the fuels area, natural gas firms drop employment at a rate of fourteen percent, or 2,295 workers.

While the administrations report present direct employment in the petroleum and natural gas sectors totaled less than 50,000, an industry specially made report sets the number much higher.

Pennsylvania’s solar industry grew quicker than the nationwide average. Across America, solar jobs declined by 1.2 percent between 2017 and 2019. In Pennsylvania, solar production grew by 8.3% since 2017, making 400 jobs.

Almost 3 quarters of green energy jobs in the energy arena,  and most are offered by construction firms. Energy efficiency workers are largely concentrated across heating, air conditioning technologies, and ventilation, which serve fossil fuel-run systems.

Clean energy jobs are concentrated around Pennsylvania biggest cities, with a third of jobs found in Montgomery, Philadelphia and  Allegheny countries.

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